Data Clean & Enhance

Match, audit & enhance client files in minutes

Audit and enhance your customer’s CRM data to ensure their information is always correct and comprehensive. With Match – Audit – Append, simply upload and automatically match a customer file to your data universe, generating comprehensive audit reports in minutes. Append channel, suppression & demographic enhancements to the customer file with just a few clicks.

Match a File

Matching a client file to your list is simple. All it takes is to upload the file, map the fields, then click Match. No data or technical expertise is needed, the system does it all for you. Our comprehensive library of matching algorithms ensures the highest possible match rate, with the most confident accuracy.

Audit Report

The automatically generated branded audit report provides your client with detailed information about the profile of their customer base. Simply upload and map the fields in their customer file and within a few minutes the report is ready. Information in the report can include profiling by location, industry, employee size, sales value and any other demographic available on your database. The audit report instantly provides the client with a detailed understanding of their customer base, how effective their market penetration is, and the scale of opportunities available. It’s the perfect tool for your sales people in up-selling targeted prospects to their clients. See an example audit report here.


The Audit report will tell your client and sales team exactly what information is available to enhance their customer file – e.g. how many phone number can be added, how many emails, industry codes, employee sizes, new contacts, and more. Your sales team have the perfect tool to up-sell the client and potentially then sign up recurrent revenue through regular cleans. Simply select the appends required and download the enhanced file to the desktop.

Net New Prospects

The Audit report generated by Match – Audit – Append provides comprehensive profiling information on a clients customer base. Empowered with this “description”, the obvious step is to find out how many new, similar prospects are available to the client. The Audit report calculates the clients market penetration accordingly, and illustrates the potential opportunity that is available with targeted new prospects.

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