Prospect Creator Plus

Give your team the leading data management platform for list owners & publishers.

With simple point and click interfaces, with our data management platform users can segment data in real time, even with tens of millions of records. Breakdown reports, data preview, prior order suppression and data extracts are easily carried out by anyone in your team, all in their browser.

Real-time Fast Counts

Giving your team the ability to build and run counts in real-time gives your business a competitive edge over the opposition. With point and click selection building and super-fast counting performance, your users can run counts for complex customer briefs in seconds, even when on the phone with the client. Great features, such as geographical map selections including drive-time, pasting lists of zip codes, or selecting ranges for numeric values, all boost productivity, customer satisfaction, and user experience.

Comprehensive Breakdown Reports

Creating Excel breakdowns of a selection by any field on your data, in a few simple clicks. Single dimensional, or pivot table reports are available that are downloaded directly to the users desktop, ready for marketer to review or for sending to the client to support their purchasing decision. If you choose to include our Match-Audit-Append suite, profiling and penetration analysis of customer files becomes quick and simple, thereby delivering targeted net prospects for your clients

Customer Data Analytics & Insight

Customer files can be uploaded and matched to your Universe for advanced profiling. With features such as configurable base and targets segments, & numeric client field profiling, identifying the best prospects for responsive, profitable campaigns is easier than ever. Creating campaign segments directly from the analysis report enables users to go from client file analysis to campaign fulfilment, faster than ever before possible. Watch this short video to see the benefits to your staff & clients Video 

Instant Data Extract To Desktop

Once a user has build their selection & decided on the volume of data they would like to purchase from a selection, the CSV file can be available in minutes. Multiple file layout options allow different information to be provided within the file.

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